2 Corinthians

Antoinette Wire

400pp., 6 x 9
Publication Date: July 2019


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eBook: $19.99

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In this volume, Wire looks at each section of Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians through a feminist lens at three ranges. First, with a broad view of all bodies and beings in the ecosystem, Wire shows the reader how Paul grapples again and again with the limits of his body and the threat of death and finds in Jesus' dying and rising a way out of fear toward what he calls "a new creation." Second, a mid-range focus elaborates the political, economic, and social context. Here Wire uses not only feminist criticism but also critique from oppressed racial, religious, and sexual groups and postcolonial nations. The third focus is a close-up rhetorical analysis of the interaction of Paul and the Corinthians. Wire takes particular interest in the perspectives and actions of women in Corinth's church who are a recurring object of Paul's attention in 1 Corinthians but are not singled out in 2 Corinthians. These three points of focus create a sharp picture of Paul's letter and reveal perceptive insights about his relationship with the Corinthians.

Antoinette Clark Wire is Robert S. Dollar Professor of New Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary where she has taught since 1973. Dr. Wire is a graduate of Yale Divinity and Claremont Graduate School. Raised in China by missionary parents, she has lived her adult life largely in California.