Standing Order Options for Individuals

Place a standing order of the Wisdom Commentary series now, and get 30% off + a free eBook version of all volumes.

Option 1 (BEST OFFER!):
Pre-pay for entire series and lock in a fixed price per volume.

     Includes: free shipping (US addresses only) and free copy of eBook
     Price: $1,299.00 (a savings of over 36% off retail price)

Option 2:
Auto-pay with credit card or pay on invoice as volumes are published.

     Includes: free shipping and free copy of eBook
     Price: Variable, a savings of 30% off retail price

Option 3 (for our digital readers):
Pre-pay for entire series in the digital format only and lock in a fixed price per volume.

     Price: $999.00 (a savings of over 15% off retail price)

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